Shinnenkai 2021 Reimagining Community with FEW Japan

January 21, 2021 Sponsors SM Image

January 21st @ 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM (JST)

Kick-off 2021 by reimagining community and developing engagement across individual, organizational, and corporate members

On 21st January, 2021 we will kick off the new year joining individual, organizational, and corporate members together at our Shinnenkai. In this very interactive session, we will enjoy the opportunity to get to know the Organisational and Corporate Sustaining Members who believe in FEW and support our activities throughout the year.

We are delighted to be welcoming representatives from:

  • Jarman International KK (Ruth Jarman, CEO)
  • Wahl+Case (Kristine Ayuzawa, Talent & Organizational Development)
  • Catherine O’Connell Law (Catherine O’Connell, Principal & Founder)
  • Code Chrysalis (Yan Fan, CTO)
  • Place to Grow (Angela Ortiz, CEO & NGO Founder)
  • Quill Shift LLC (Ayanna Coleman, Founder)
  • Translation Business Systems Japan (Sarah Bull, Director)
  • Japan Market Expansion Competition (Betsy Rogers, Assistant Program Director)

Under our 2021 theme, Reimagining Community, this is an opportunity to interact with these inspiring and important community leaders who will share their experiences in their field as well as making connections with members and non-members based on interest and expertise. Our communities changed in 2020, let’s reimagine together.

This is a super opportunity to ask questions to FEW members who make such an impact on our community both in and outside FEW Japan. We will be sharing the details of our Sponsorship Framework and the commitment our Organisational and Corporate Sustaining members make to our not-for-profit association.

Join us for discussion on how as a community we can support each other in business, life, and beyond! 

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