Special Event Recap: Drawing on Nature in Yoyogi Park with Divya Marie Kato of When in Doubt, Draw

Drawing on Nature Recap

We couldn’t have picked a better day to ditch our smartphones and digital distractions to head to Yoyogi park for artist Divya Marie Kato’s drawing workshop – one with a bit of a twist!

On Sunday, May 20, with sunshine dancing through the branches overhead, we nestled in the grass, clinked a few cups of bubbly – it was a Sunday after all! – got to know each other and started our afternoon adventure with one of the greatest stories ever told.

The Story Of Art

The story begins in caves and off we went, retracing the steps of our ancestors in order to pack for the journey ahead. A journey into human expression.

What’s In A Line?

Divya guided us through a few exercises to better understand the lines we see in the world around us. In particular, to differentiate those lines found in the natural world, from the man made lines we’re used to seeing in the city.

Making A Mark

A drawing is also composed of marks and we had fun exploring how to make marks of our own! What marks are you used to making? Have a favourite doodle?

Taking A Walk

Finally we were ready to run free and put together what we had learned! We picked a favourite spot in the park and, after learning how to walk a line onto paper, set about drawing on cave walls of very our own 🙂

“A big thank you for joining me in the park everyone! I really enjoyed being with you and hope you left feeling inspired to explore the many, many wonderful benefits of drawing!” – Divya

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Divya Marie Kato FRSA, Founder of When In Doubt, Draw, is an artist, drawing teacher and entrepreneur who was born in Paris, to Indian parents, raised around the world, educated in the U.K. and who now lives in her adopted homeland Japan. She came to Japan in 2005 to study the traditional arts and Tokyo has since become home, where she continues to paint and teach in parallel; an aspect fundamental to her work.

Following the success of events, workshops and classes, she founded her business, When In Doubt, Draw, where she strives to empower people through creativity and the simple act of drawing. She continues to paint, deliver workshops and teach in her drawing school, Atelier Kato, in Yoyogi.

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