Strategic Partner Spotlight: Mom in Balance


Mom in Balance Profile PhotoMom in Balance Tokyo has been around for nearly two years now and surely quite a few of you have heard about it, if not joined our outdoor workouts at some point. Recently, Tanja Kinnen and Julie Mangen took over from Pauline Havens (who left for Singapore) determined to keep Mom in Balance Tokyo going.

Who are we? A little introduction…

Julie Mangen is a physiotherapist from Luxembourg who moved to Tokyo last September. She has two boys and loves being outdoors and spending quality time with family and friends. Her favorite sports are horseback riding and martial arts and of course also Mom in Balance workouts.

Tanja Kinnen is a former communications and marketing professional, also from Luxembourg and has been in Tokyo for over 2 years. She has a 7 month old daughter. She loves outdoor activities, sports, traveling as well as spending time with family and friends. Her favorite sports include hiking, climbing, swimming and Mom in Balance workouts, who would have guessed!

Together with our trainer, Olga Grant, we currently offer 7 workouts per week in 3 different locations: Tokyo Midtown Park, Futako-Tamagawa and Yoyogi Park. Find the complete schedule here.

What are the Mom in Balance workouts like?

Mom in Balance offers three types of workouts:

  • MPower – a total body workout for all women who want to be fit and in shape
  • Pregnant – workouts for all moms to be, and
  • Back in Shape – a postpartum recovery workout.

The workouts are all held outdoors year round and can attend regardless of your sports background or physical fitness. They are designed by a professional team and adapted to all levels, so everyone can join!

The workouts are a combination of strength exercises, cardio and relaxation and are adapted according to the participants: more challenging for the MPower ladies, completely safe and focused on maintaining the fitness for pregnant women, and working on the recovery after birth for the Back in Shape women. The workouts have been designed in collaboration with gynecologists and pelvic floor specialists and are specially tailored for the pregnant, recovering and fit body. On top of that, you get to train with like-minded women and can exchange experiences about the challenges of finding the right balance between family, friends, work and your full agenda.

Our mission really is to support women in feeling physically and mentally strong, building up a sports routine in their daily lives and finding the right balance between family, friends and work. We thus aim to offer more than just a workout and that’s why organise nights out, coffee get togethers and even have a babysitter during our weekday workouts (for a small contribution of 500¥ per child), so that the participants can fully enjoy their workout without worrying about their little one.

We look forward to welcoming you at one of our workouts and please get in touch via if you have any questions!