Sponsor Spotlight: Pilates-Me

Pilates-Me Sponsor Image

Meet our New Sponsor, Pilates-Me!

Inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit of FEW, Pilates-Me was founded on the philosophy of fitness, innovation and community. The founder Cecilia Zhang saw an opportunity to bring cutting edge proprietary global techniques in Barre, Pilates & Piloxing to Tokyo, and help busy women to stay active, look sculpted and feel strong.

Pilates-Me offers group and private classes in Azabujuban and Akasaka studio locations. Their mission is to provide effective, fun workouts specifically targeted for female bodies so you can feel empowered and informed in your journey to wellness! Cecilia will also provide her special tips on health, wellness and beauty via the bi-weekly newsletter to members.

What would be your number one recommendation for people who want to start their own business?

Have the ‘end goal’ in mind before you start – make sure you understand the key objectives you want to achieve, whether it’s financial or personal.

What are the 3 essentials for running a business in your opinion?

  • Discipline – doing the things you don’t like doing
  • Time management – allocate time according to priorities defined by business objectives
  • Emotional energy – spend downtime to recharge, re-group and reflect on your progress celebrating the small wins!

Stay hungry and never accept failure as a permanent state, but as a stepping stone to success.

Cecilia Zhang, Founder of Pilates-Me

Who inspired you on your journey?

Alex Morrow and Victoria Close from FEW’s Start-up Club. They gave me encourage, advice, and a brought a community of female entrepreneurs together to share the ups and downs of the journey.

What is your favorite quote or story when it comes to business?

“I’m convinced that about half of what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance.”  – Steve Jobs, Co-Founder and CEO, Apple

What are your top resources when it comes to running your business on an everyday basis?

Have a good accountant  – this is really important! Find also a good coach, build peer networks and seek mentors from various industries to challenge and broaden your views.

What is your main focus for the next year?

Accelerating the growth of the business, continuing to build our client base, refining the product offerings and actively look for partnership opportunities.