Women’s Start-up Club Recap: Building Your Brand Story

Nov WSC 19

On the last Wednesday of November 2018, FEW’s Women’s Start-up Club welcomed branding expert Vanessa Oshima to speak about brand building to our dedicated membership.

In the beginning, Oshima reminded everyone of a common mistake.

Marketing should not be about you or your story, but about telling potential customers the story of your brand.

She wanted participants to ask themselves if they can actually talk clearly about their brand.

“Brand story is not marketing. It’s much bigger,” Oshima explained.

The workshop was about learning how to build that story so it represents you, while also attracting the clients you want. This is where Oshima is an expert – she has lived in Japan for 20 years, and is the founder of Heart Data Inc., a marketing strategy company focused on putting the consumer at the heart of the data marketing.

She explained with vivid examples why stories are crucial in branding. Some of these points include that:

  • stories are easy to remember and recall
  • stories evoke emotions
  • stories take customer on a journey to dive deeper into your brand
  • stories build brand loyalty
  • great stories last

Oshima urged everyone to find their brand ‘ikigai’ (raison d’etre, reason for being). When you find the uniqueness and purpose for your brand, you are a big step forward into building a lasting and effective brand story that resonates with consumers across emotional and functional needs.

FEW and Women’s Start-up Club want to thank Vanessa Oshima for sharing the passion for marketing with us during this engaging and inspiring evening!

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